Dance / Yoga

Dancing is a highly physical activity, and kids who dance regularly show improvement in their overall physical health. It improves their muscle tone, corrects poor posture, increases balance and coordination and improves overall cardiovascular health.

By practising Yoga poses, children learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and can concentrate better. Yoga also boosts their self-esteem.

Music and Movement

They say that music is the Universal Language. Regardless of your domicile or background, a good melody is something that everyone enjoys and experiences. For children, music provides a host of benefits.

There are many good reasons why you should let your child listen and dance to music.

Fun & Fitness

It is important to incorporate enjoyment with physical activity so kids grow up realizing that fitness is fun. Gymnastics is a wonderful sport that involves all aspects of fitness.

Also Available
Montessori Classroom,
After School Math &
Language Programme &
Activity Based Day Care Centre
(Based on Maria Montessori Philosophy)

EPL (Exercises on Practical Life), Sensorial maths and language activities.

Learning Activities

• Age appropriate & Meticulously designed

• Holistic development of every child







Role play

(Threading beads, lacing, pyramids, blocks, sorting / seriating pictures, clay modelling, stacking, puppet shows, gym activities, sand play, water play, letter mats, easel painting, doll’s house, role play with soft toys)